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What is Front Rowe FAM?

Front Rowe Fam (FRF) is an exclusive community of music loving supporters, rallying to support Jeremy Rowe directly in his efforts to remain independent as a Songwriter/Artist in the music industry.  

Why Support FRF?

FRF Gives YOU the opportunity to be directly involved in supporting Jeremy’s journey in recording new music for the off road community and beyond. Recording music is very expensive! In these beginning stages Jeremy is choosing to remain independent. This allows him to write, record, and release music on his schedule and prerogative instead of the industry’s. He is also able to be more hands on in the process, remain more accessible, offer exclusive content, and keep his family first.

What does a supporting FRF Member Get?

At the launch of FRF, the items below are being offered. As the Front Rowe Fam grows, Jeremy will offer more and more to it's exclusive members. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor!

* Access to Purchase EXCLUSIVE Front Rowe Fam Club Merch (Online Only)

* %15 discount off sitewide merchandise for life of membership

    (You'll get the discount after your 3rd month of membership)

* Random Merch Giveaways, - 1- Random winner selected as supplies are available

(Eligible after 3rd month)

* Set your price of $10/month or more


Thank you for considering supporting Jeremy Rowe Music monthly!