Jeremy Rowe

Singer/songwriter/Front man for The Jeremy Rowe Band

Jeremy Rowe, began his music career in 2019 with his first release, GONE after a painful divorce. Jeremy was born in San Antonio, TX in 1989, he now resides in Edmond, OK, with his lovely wife, Tisha, with their 6 amazing kids.

Being a Jeep owner himself and growing up in a Jeep enthusiast family, he naturally wrote a song about the Jeep lifestyle called JEEP THANG, which opened the doors to the Jeep nation worldwide. He’s performed for large groups of Jeepers, opening for legends like 90s country band Shenandoah, and continues to write songs for the niche community of Jeepers and the Off-Road community. 

JEEP GIRL, a song encapsulating all that one of a kind Jeep Girl is; touches the heart and soul of all those dedicated off-road girls and those she loves. Coming off the successful heels of JEEP THANG his new song is sure to solidify and strengthen Jeremy Rowe’s continued commitment to music to the off-road community. Jeep Thang is played on Jeep Beach Radio, and has received over 60K views on Youtube.

Off Road Family, Jeremy's latest, released February 16, 2022, is a song with the aim to reach and bring together the entire off road community.

Jeremy and his band looks forward to seeing you at some of the largest upcoming Jeep trade shows in 2022. They'll be working on their debut album set to release late summer while they're not on the road. The album will be filled with some of their original country favorites aimed at showing you some songs other than the off road themed music you've heard so far.

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Casey Tuter

Electric Guitar

Casey was introduced to music by his father at a young age. The house would shake while listening to groups like the Beatles, the Eagles and Billy Joel in their living room on the record player. This paved the way for Casey to realize that music had to be a part of his life. Not just listening and enjoying it, but learning a craft that can satisfy the soul.

Casey believes it his job to show his kids that they can achieve anything in life, even if it’s art. He has learned if you put your heart and soul into something you truly enjoy you can’t fail no matter how hard the road. Playing with Jeremy Rowe was a simple decision because he shares the same passion and life goals. Music if life. Family always comes first. But, it wouldn’t be the same without being able to play and share music with each others. Casey’s kids love hanging out with him in his studio while hes writing and recording. “Being in a band, sharing musical ideas with bandmates, songwriting,  and singing songs to loved ones is one of the best parts of life. Art is meant to be shared with others!” Casey says

Jon Castillo


Jonathan Castillo was born and raised in Amarillo, Tx in 1982. He now resides in Moore,OK with his wife and 2 children.

It all started 29 years ago with 6th grade band. If it wasn’t for my mom, I would have ended up on the French horn! We had driven down the road a bit after my tryout and when mom found out I didn’t even get to try out for percussion, she was MAD! She turned the car around and marched me right back into the band hall and did what any good mother does. She stood up for her little boy that didn’t stand up for himself.

Music is tied to everything. Many of life’s most precious and special moments are tied to music. Sometimes the music is all that keeps us going through our struggles.

It’s extremely ironic being a part of a country music band. Up until this past year I hadn’t really listened to much country at all.

It’s an honor to get to play with Jeremy and the gang.
If music is life, drums are the heartbeat.

Special thanks: To my loving wife of 16 years. Without her love and support, none of this would be possible, to my cousin Deron, who got me drawn into playing praise and worship many years ago. I wouldn’t have met Jeremy if it wasn’t for that, and of course, my mother, for giving that band director the “what for”.

Thank you Jesus for the gift of music, grace, love, and sacrifice

Christian Pearson


Christian Pearson is a man of many bios. He's been a waiter, a tennis coach, a banker, an accountant, and a waiter again. Most of those jobs didn't work out, so now he's trying to convince Jeremy Rowe he can play bass. Someone told him it's the easiest instrument. So far the band seems to be buying it. "I played clarinet in high school, which helps a little." Christian said, "I'm just happy to be here because there's usually food."